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"µ-kernel on nano-kernel Operating System"

a completely new approach of an embeddable, scalable
and distributable multitasking operating system.

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Mission Statement

It is the goal to make µnOS available to the largest number of hardware platforms possible. A portable, scalable and real-time capable architecture should be delivered, which should make possible the usage of µnOS in embedded systems as well as in desktop computers up to servers.
The ease-of-use (GUI) shall be combined with high-level modularity for various purposes and with high stability and reliability.
The shipped services shall allow a wide range of application, which can be expanded further and further.
The software developer shall find an environment, where applications, services and drivers can be created with little learning and with large efficiency (OOP-framework).
The system and its services shall be extendable at will through the client/server architecture.


µnOS has been developed from scratch and is not related to any other existing operating system. It is based on the SPHERE real-time microkernel, whose innovative architecture is the solid basis for the operating system.


Because of its small size the kernel has been tested throughout and runs extremely stable. It manages the core resources of any computer, CPU and memory, and in a very efficient way. It supports parallel programming from its roots and has no limitations concerning the number of resources, therefore it is scalable at will.


Only the microkernel can access the entire memory. Any application and service (incl. drivers) is running in its own environment and is protected against mutual memory access. Communication between processes is only possible by a secure inter-process communication.

Process Manager

The administration of all processes is done by the process manager. It delivers a sophisticated inter-process communication with messages and shared memory. Therefore a process can be removed completely, independent of the state the process is in.


µnOS runs on a large number of different computers, ranging from embedded systems up to servers and workstations. The available memory and processor power will be used in an optimal way.


Every service in µnOS is implemented as a process. This allows a high flexibility, because services can be started and terminated as easily as applications. System crashes and blocked systems because of not-responding services are no longer a threat.


System services and applications communicate via messages. It is transparent to the applications if the communication partner is a process on this computer or on another computer connected via LAN or WAN. This is a major aid in the implementation of distributed systems.


Drivers in µnOS are not part of the operating system core and run in the secure context of a process. Operating system crashes because of erroneous drivers are no longer possible, and drivers can be loaded and unloaded without need to reboot.


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